Unified Analytics Threat Management

Legacy security information and event management (SIEM) solutions are slowly becoming obsolete as the cybersecurity landscape becomes more complex. With hackers continuing to innovate, and business technologies continuing to generate increasing amounts of data, there is an urgent call for Modern SIEM technology to evolve and address these new cyber security challenges.

Unified Analytics Threat Management collects massive volumes of data in real time, detects advanced threats via patented algorithms, and provides AI-based security incident response for fast remediation.

UATM is based on an open, big data architecture. With that, it leverages real-time behavioral analytics including machine learning and enriches data with additional context to facilitate accurate prioritization of threats. In addition, UATM provides easy access to pre-packaged security content, relevant security use cases, and a support library with dynamic security content.

With CTC, our priority is to get you what you need at a deal that works for you. That is why UATM comes with a creditable cost and low TCO, at a pricing model that is aligned with your business. All available via an array of options for your cloud or on premise based SIEM deployment for cloud or hybrid IT environments. Lastly, UATM comes equipped with automated incident response capabilities through automated playbooks, and has UEBA, NTA, and SOAR capabilities.

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