DevOps & Containerization

DevOps helps organizations succeed with digital transformation. Specifically by shifting the cultural mindset of the business, breaking down detrimental silos, and paving the way for continuous change and rapid experimentation. When your business is in need of a digital transformation journey, you can be sure DevOps will deliver.

At CTC, it it is our goal to enable fast, frequent delivery of value to our end users. With that, here are some DevOps benefits to help organizations meet evolving customer demands:

DevOps Breaks Down Silos to Unite People, Processes and Technology – DevOps’ mindset brings development and operations teams together. This allows teams to troubleshoot more easily, collaborate and embrace creativity, increasing business velocity.

DevOps Prioritizes Automation Wherever Possible – automated workflows allows reducing redundant and manual tasks. This is achieved by several ways. Automating the provisioning of infrastructure, or automating the pipeline for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) directly from the repository, then automating testing and deployment.

DevOps Enables Fast, Safe Change Through Integrated Pipelines – digital transformation with DevOps inevitably should translate to increased agility. It means to embrace the cloud and seek to modernize architectures and applications through strategies such as containerization and microservices.

DevOps Aligns Business Goals with Security – DevOps principles help check the cybersecurity concerns through preventive scanning, training developers to write more secure code, and incentivizing automation in security checks throughout the process.

DevOps Values Experimentation – DevOps enables a company to pull away from the pack through new and innovative uses of technology to solve business problems. Innovation of that calibre occurs through experimentation powered by DevOps.

How does CTC help customers with their Digital Transformation Journey with DevOps?
CTC helps customers visualize the DevOps journey by providing a tailored workshop based on customer’s requirements. This includes setting up of container platforms, microservices, DevOps tools and learning how to modernize applications to adapt to DevOps. The workshop allows customers to appreciate the DevOps technology as a whole and target low hanging fruits in a short period of time.

CTC supports and provides professional services on multiple container platforms such as RedHat OpenShift Container Platform, Rancher K8s / Open Source Platforms, and Kubernetes on Public clouds.

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