Data Platforms & Analytics

With the proliferation of internet-based devices (e.g. Sensory device, mobile device, etc.), data source(s) and the velocity of such data expands exponentially and with it, comes the complexity of effectively storing, managing and analysing this data. Traditional data warehousing with the supporting infrastructure of a relational database may not adequately manage this data; as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process needs to be in place so that data can be restructured to the database schema for storage and analysis at a later stage. This may result in losing initial datasets that the organisation may at a later stage deem as critical.

In order to circumvent this situation, organisations that have multiple data sources in varied data formats may choose to adopt the Big Data means of data management and to perform analytics on. With this approach, organisations would be able to scale up and scale out efficiently, depending on the requirement, on commodity computing devices. Hence adopters can achieve having petabytes of storage with an array of computing resources at a possible fraction of investment of these systems.

However, organisations would not take the risk of performing an overhaul of their data warehouse. Instead, one would integrate it with their current varied RDBMS systems and allow Big Data platforms to pull in this data for further analysis. And because of the close proximity of secured systems and eventual storage and performance analysis of secured data, security in Big Data platforms becomes an integral discussion in every engagement.

CTC Global Singapore Offerings

Big Data Core Platform
At its foundation, the Big Data platform is built on commodity hardware (e.g. x86 servers). Ranging from compute, network and security, CTC Global Singapore will be able to assess the organisation’s current IT landscape and in return, provide guidance, implementation and even provide professional consultation so that the organisation’s goal to build the big data infrastructure can be achieved. Therefore CTC Global Singapore can be the one-stop IT enabler for the organization.

Big Data Analytics & Tools
Collecting data from varied sources without further analysis may be the result of the organisation not being able to see the value of the data collected to further optimise operations, thus causing chances of potential revenue growth to decrease. CTC Global Singapore can enable organisations to bring value out of the collected data with the varied tools available in the market. With our data scientists’ vast know-hows, organisations will be able to further perform activities like anomaly detection, predictive analytics from data mining and even event analytics based on complex event processing.

MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) Hadoop
In order for organisations to detect anomalies that span across a wide time frame (e.g. once every year), having an efficient and effective detection system is paramount. Traditional SIEM would not even come close, because of the performance degradation due to the amount of machine data that spans across a wide spatial range in which the SIEM platform needs to analyse on. CTC Global Singapore overcomes this shortcoming by introducing Hadoop into the equation, thus allowing fast access of a large subset of data which could be in the range of petabytes and all without the need to re-import data that could have been taped out due to short data retention policies that could have stemmed from wanting to remain being cost-effective in utilising enterprise storage.

Together with CTC Global Singapore’s long-standing managed services experience in various industrial sectors, we will be able to further add value to the existing IT policies of your organisation.

For any organisation that has already adopted Hadoop for Big Data purposes, Spark will be able to go to the next level in terms of speed in computation and processing. Spark can integrate and access data from diverse data sources (e.g. HDFS, Cassandra, HBase and S3), therefore, performing large-scale data processing on Spark will therefore yield significant time savings to any organisation. CTC Global Singapore will be able to enable organisations to deploy the Spark platform together with deployment best practises, thus allowing a better overall experience.

Streaming Analytics
As traditional storage gives way to new data architectures and streaming becomes easier, real-time analytics may soon become a norm. Analysis will become faster since computation negates processing from the start of the historical range. This brings significant benefits to, for example, a financial institute that detects money laundering. Avoiding large batch jobs to process data which could still take time in huge computing devices, the institute will be able to use this technology to avoid mishandling of financial value via criminal acts. With CTC Global Singapore’s experience in infrastructure, the organisation will therefore be able to quickly build up the required infrastructure.


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