IoT Platforms

IoT Platforms provide a head start in building IoT systems by providing built-in tools and capabilities to make it easier and cheaper for business, developers and users.

Here at CTC, we provide value to the customer’s IoT journey by providing the right platform, tools and subject matter experts. Our team helps customers visualize broader IoT use cases and gives a holistic approach.

What you can do with an IoT Platform:
• IoT devices and endpoint management
• Connectivity and network management
• Data management
• Processing and analysis
• Application development
• Security
• Access control
• Monitoring
• Event processing
• Interfacing/integration.

Here are the key components of an IoT Platform:
• Connected IoT devices – collect different types of data (voice, video, image or structured time series data on vibrations, heat, etc.) from the environment. Some IoT devices also interact with their environment beyond just data collection.

• Connectivity solutions – enable devices to communicate with each other while transmitting data to the cloud or to receive commands from the cloud.

• Data processing software – performs analysis on data collected from devices either at the edge or on-premise. Organizations can then easily make data-driven decisions with the results from the analysis.

• Monitoring and administration software – This provides a user interface that allows users to interact with the IoT system if needed. The most general purpose of the user interface layer is to be able to control the devices remotely and visualize the results of the analysis.

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