Networking & Security

CTC Global Singapore offers platforms that can help build an efficient, resilient and secured network infrastructure.

As enterprises struggle to choose between on-premise or cloud-based networking resources, CTC will be there to guide your company in the right direction. Such resources include virtual routers, virtual firewalls, network monitoring and management software, which will be made available whenever required.

Building and Campus Network Infrastructure

CTC will help you with building and campus network infrastructure. We understand our customers’ need for business agility, resiliency and availability to build advanced, secured and scalable system architectures.

With that, we help customers achieve total connectivity with service-oriented and cost-efficient design, all while maintaining IT governance and compliance to corporate and governmental regulations and policies. You are assured of an effective solution, without compromising on cables, switches, routers and firewalls.

Network Virtualization

In this new world, virtualization enables the intelligence of the infrastructure to move from hardware to software. With the SDDC, data centre infrastructure elements — including computer, networking, and storage — are virtualized and grouped into pools of resources. These resources can then be automatically deployed, with little or no human involvement. Everything is flexible, automated, and controlled by software. The virtual cloud network extends these concepts beyond the data centre, to wherever applications and data reside. With network virtualization enabling the SDDC, you can forget about spending days or weeks provisioning the infrastructure to support a new application. You can now deploy or update apps in minutes, for rapid time to value.

Virtualization makes provisioning network resources easier and more efficient. Networking software programs allow administrators to monitor the infrastructure, make changes to the network, provision resources, roll out updates to networking devices, and take action against detected security threats.

The virtualized and software-based version of the network is an overlay on top of the physical network infrastructure. The physical network’s devices like switches and routers still perform tasks like packet forwarding, while forwarding those packets is handled by the software running on the switches and routers.

Another operational benefit is that a software-based network infrastructure makes scaling instances of VMs or containers easier and faster when demand for resources increases.

The network administrators also gain visibility, which improves an organization’s network security posture because security software can see more of the network and report on vulnerabilities and security events.

Network Security

In today’s digital world, Network Security has become a huge demand from organizations to provide a defence-in-depth security, for all purposes.

IT Security now has a defence-in-depth concept. An intentional attack may be launched from attackers outside or within the corporate environment. If this happens, business confidential data will be compromised, resulting in loss of business integrity, company reputation, followed by loss of consumers and finances.

Network security is not something you can afford to push aside and to achieve the defence in depth concept, offerings need to be mitigated.

With CTC Global Singapore, you are assured top-notch IT security needs and the right business operations requirements through holistic solutions, offering the business full coverage of security services to control and eliminate all sorts of risks and threats to the network.

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