AI Ops

AI Ops, short for artificial intelligence for IT operations, are multi-layered technology platforms that automate and enhance IT operations through analytics and machine learning (ML).

AI Ops platforms collect a variety of data from different IT operation tools which provide traditional historical analytics while spotting and reacting to issues in real-time. It encompasses the following activities:

• Collect and aggregate the huge and ever-increasing volumes of operations data generated by multiple IT infrastructure components, applications, and performance-monitoring tools
• Intelligently sift ‘signals’ out of the ‘noise’ to identify significant events and patterns related to system performance and availability issues.
• Diagnose root causes and report them to IT for rapid response and remediation—or, in some cases, automatically resolve these issues without human intervention.

AI Ops enables IT operations teams to respond more quickly—even proactively—to slowdowns and outages, with a lot less effort. This is made possible by replacing multiple separate, manual IT operations tools with a single, intelligent, and automated IT operations platform.

It bridges the gap between an increasingly diverse, dynamic, and difficult-to-monitor IT landscape. Most experts consider AI Ops to be the future of IT operations management.


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