Case Study for the Logistics Industry

Client: A global supply chain specialist that trades in more than 60 countries

Solution: Managed Services

The client was facing a couple of problems before engaging CTC Global, –

  • Several business outages due to volatile infrastructure.
  • Performance issues with their key business portal.
  • Unstable customers’ database and middleware infrastructures, causing several system downtimes.

With the engagement of CTC Global’s managed services, a detailed analysis of the client’s IT Infrastructure was done to determine the issues. With the issues pointed out, CTC Global was able to fix all the teething IT issues progressively in a span of 6 months, including stabilizing the client’s infrastructure which consists of OS, Database and Middleware components where it used to be in a volatile environment. Ever since the client no longer faced business outages.

The delivery of the major storage migration project, involving the client’s entire IT Infrastructure was carried out successfully with the expertise of CTC Global’s Infrastructure team.

In this project, CTC Global has achieved a 4-star rating out of 5 stars in the FY2020 – CSAT survey. With the proven demonstration of CTC Global’s skill set and, the confidence the client has with CTC Global, additional IT entities and components were acquired over time into the project.

CTC Global now supports the client’s infrastructure from their counterparts located across the world.