Case Study for the Public Services Industry

Client: An organization that is responsible for national security, public safety, civil defence, border control, and immigration.

Solution: Identity and access management (IAM)

CTC Global implemented IAM for the client. IAM is essential for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise. Adding our services to the smart, modern identity solution, it delivers a frictionless and secured experience for every user in the company.

The solution comes with granting access rights, providing single sign-on from any device, enhancing security with multifactor authentication, enabling user lifecycle management, protecting privileged accounts, and more.

The solution provides the client with the right to ensure all personnel are given the right access respectively and, on the backend, user identities are verified discreetly during login or throughout the session.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) included, smarter and better-informed decisions are made to modify users’ access appropriately, at the same time, uncover outliers and toxic combinations of entitlements for clients to make the right call to eliminate business’ threats.

The client is now able to easily manage the access whether it comes to quickly enable access to resources and applications, regardless in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment; or whether providing access to enterprise users, privileged administrators or consumers, the solution offers a seamless experience the users expect.

Compliance is established with centrally managed access certifications so that the client is always prepared to meet new regulations when they arise.