Masafumi Nakayama
Managing Director

It is an honour to be appointed as the new Managing Director of CTC Global Singapore. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to helm this talented team and lead the company toward a new era of success.

In 2022, CTC Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary. Achieving this milestone was possible with the relentless support from our customers, vendors, and community. I would also like to thank everyone at CTC Singapore for their hard work and dedication to drive growth and achieve our goals for the company despite the challenges over the past years.

We aspire to always be at the forefront of technology by embracing digital innovation. As a technology company, it is crucial for us to stay informed and remain competitive in this rapidly evolving business landscape. Collaborating with our strategic technology alliances and together with the collective expertise of our parent company ITOCHU Corporation and fellow comrades from the CTC group, we strive to deliver innovative, value-added, and cost-effective IT solutions to support our customers in their digital transformation journey.

Forging ahead as we embark on the next chapter, we will continue to invest in new digital technologies to improve our processes and enhance customer experiences while doubling down on our efforts in the areas of social responsibility and sustainability–reducing our environmental impact in all areas of our operations.

With endless opportunities lying ahead, we are going to challenge tomorrow’s changes and work towards our mission of “Leveraging IT’s Potential to change the future for the Global Good”, creating a positive impact on communities, and building a better future for everyone.

As always, I look forward to your continuous trust and support.

Thank you.

Mr Masafumi Nakayama
Managing Director
CTC Global Singapore