Contributing to changing the future for the Global Good

Ichiro Tsuge
President and Chief Executive Officer

Society today is facing many issues, including the climate change, widening social disparities, and in Japan a declining birthrate and aging population. While IT is evolving rapidly to address social issues, new challenges, including the need to bridge the digital divide, have begun to emerge.

In this environment, the CTC Group has defined its materialities by setting three major goals to fulfill our responsibilities to society and achieve continued growth in accordance with our mission, “Leveraging IT’s potential to change the future for the Global Good.”

The first goal is to solve social issues through IT. Our goal here is to contribute to society by building an IT system that contributes to the achievement of a circular economy, which will reduce the consumption of natural resources as much as possible, in addition to increasing the efficiency and productivity of society. To that end, we will introduce advanced technologies, combine them in optimal ways, enhance communication with our customers and partners, create value for society, and provide IT that supports safe and secure lifestyles.

The second goal is to cultivate human capital to support the future. This means that we will cultivate human resources with a range of knowledge and skills and substantial experience who aspire to reach new heights in their positions and we will strive to create a corporate culture where each employee’s individuality and values are respected as they help each other grow. We will contribute to society by educating not only our people but also the external human resources that will create the future.

The third goal is to implement responsible corporate activities. This means that we will respect the wide range of stakeholders (employees, local communities, business partners, shareholders, etc.) and strive to ensure transparency, enhance government, and contribute to the addressing of climate change, to fulfill our social responsibilities as a member of society, in addition to pursuing our own interests.

Those goals indicate the direction in which the CTC Group will move in the medium-to-long term. We believe that by pursuing those goals, we will produce results for the Company’s business and for society.

Since July 2015, the CTC Group has supported the United Nation Global Compact’s Ten Principles in four fields (human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption). Under these principles, we will contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society, taking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into consideration. Our goal is to enable more people to benefit from IT and contribute to the future without sacrificing the future.