Most businesses and organisations have adopted Virtualisation as one of their IT strategies. Like most businesses the initial driving forces behind this is the financial motivation as virtualisation can significantly reduce operational costs.

Other driving forces leading to the adoption of virtualisation have also been emerging and include: virtualisation enables business continuity and resilience, and improves on disaster recovery, faster server provisioning, higher availability and uptime. Virtualisation allows your business to easily adopt cloud computing. From this the question every business should address is how to utilise virtualisation to reduce costs and to enhance its automation.

In addition to server and storage domains, virtualisation has also moved to Desktop virtualisation and is increasingly being adopted. How can desktop virtualisation help a business carry out its operations more efficiently and reliably in today’s dynamic, user-centred workplaces? And how can it be aligned along your business’s infrastructure, applications and operating system upgrades?

For businesses or organisations seeking efficient and cost-effective means to reduce data centre footprint through desktop and server virtualisation and to also to maximise on the benefits offered by virtualisation, we are here to assist.

Our core competencies:

  • Deep knowledge in all leading virtualisation technologies and the fact that we have no preference to any vendor ensures that we can recommend the best solutions suited for your business/organisation needs.
  • Our expert knowledge in data centres facilities, that includes power and cooling optimisation, allows your business to realise maximum benefits from your server, desktop and storage virtualisation projects.
  • We address all issues with regards to protection of data, backup and recovery of data within a business’s virtual environment.
  • Our expertise in security, networking, Microsoft technologies and data centres allows us to look into all points of reference that virtualisation can be applied within your business setting at the desktop and the server levels.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your IT service and management capabilities and give recommendations to enable the business to improve its management process so as to maximise on the benefits that comes with virtualisation.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your individual requirements by making use of the skills and best practices we have acquired through deployment of our solutions for other clients around the world.

Advantages of our server and storage virtualisation solutions:

  • Higher availability and uptime.
  • Improved disaster recovery.
  • Significantly reduce operating costs as fewer physical servers are needed.
  • Makes it easier to adopt cloud computing.
  • Flexibility and can easily change your infrastructure to emerging market trends and user demands.

Advantages you can get using our desktop virtualisation solutions:

  • We adopt a consultative and solution-based approach towards understanding how the desktop environment can be optimised in each business to enables us to deliver greater control and standardisation of operations and at the same time ensuring user flexibility and compliance.
  • Increased productivity as users can access data from anywhere.
  • Our depth knowledge of the infrastructure adopted by desktop virtualisation gives you a guarantee that our user-end solution is well designed, implemented and will suit your business needs.
  • Provides greater security and ensures faster workloads.
  • Operational and management costs are significantly reduced.

CTC Global Singapore Offerings

We provide the following professional services and solutions:

  • Next Generation Desktop Virtualisation Assessment: This solution helps a business to design a desktop environment which combines modern, easy to manage and easy to adopt computing systems, avoiding traditional deployment risks as well as interruptions.

  • Server Virtualisation Assessment: This provides better insight into your particular business IT infrastructure and helps identify consolidation opportunities within the existing IT infrastructure to ensure successful implementation and assessment.
  • Data Centre Networking Assessment: This service allows us to comprehensively analyse the current performance and stability of a business data centre network architecture and infrastructure, as well as establishing if it supports its existing IT operations, as well as being able to continuously adapt to the changing market trends.

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