Customer Communications Management

As more and more products become commoditized, the key brand differentiator is the customer experience. Given that, there’s a real need for companies to put forth an organized and aligned effort to be obsessed over customers and their experience. Here’s introducing Customer Communication Management (CCM) to deliver an exceptional customer experience through personalized omni-channel communications by:

  • Sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Driving revenue


  • Complex omni-channel communications for: contracts, welcome kits, investment reports, proxy statements, etc.
  • Digital forms and processes: paperless on-boarding, application forms, etc.
  • Dynamic statements and billing for print, web, mobile, etc.
  • Secure mobile and web content

CTC Global Singapore Offerings

  1. A commitment to innovate (with our Technology Partner) at the pace of consumers to ensure your business stays ahead of your customer’s expectations.
  1. Our solution creates value for your organisation. Superior legacy repurposing and omni-channel capabilities enable your organisation to speed digital transformation, ensure consistency and simplify processes.
  1. Our cloud-based offering will grow and scale with your business while reducing your customer acquisition costs


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