Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure is one of the heaviest invested components in any IT-enabled organization. From computing, simple or multi-tiered networking, and security or enterprise backup, organizations have a wide spectrum of products to choose from. However, comparing these products is an uphill task and they normally depend on the availability of whitepapers. In order to overcome this, organizations turn to system integrators to provide consultancy and implementation services.

With the rich history of hardware implementation and the intimate partnership with major principals, CTC Global Singapore will be able to provide a greater value as with other competitors in the IT market.

CTC Global Singapore Offerings 

  • Base Installation, Server Consolidation, Tech Refresh, Migration & Upgrade

    Our delivery team of specialized engineers are knowledgeable in all major products that is being used in an enterprise environment. Therefore, CTC Global Singapore will be able to advise product limitations based on our customer’s needs or requirements. This will greatly benefit our customers in which they do not have to invest a significant amount of effort (man effort and time) to perform research and maybe even a Proof of Concept. CTC Global Singapore’s engineers will be able to help our customers to either build a POC in CTC Global Singapore’s datacentre premises or at customer’s site if they wish to use real live data to simulate used and tested cases.

  • High Availability, Data & Information Security Services, Disaster Recovery Support, Enterprise Monitoring, E-mail, Network & Security

    Some of the basic base infrastructure requirements are high availability, monitoring and even disaster recovery. In order for these to be managed let alone be automated, organizations need to adopt management tools and implement them into their computing environment and policies drafted to govern these processes.

    With CTC Global Singapore’s knowledge and experience, we will be able to assist and guide our customers to adopt varied platforms that are seemingly able to perform to their requirements. However, every customer has varied requirements and hence different tools will be required. Being brand agnostic, CTC Global Singapore will be able to better advise our customers on which product to adopt. There will be a walk through with them by performing proof of concept deployment which has led to multiple success stories with these customers.

  • Virtualization, System Health Check, Data Center Relocation, PaaS (Softlayer)

    CTC has major success stories in data center relocation with various customers and especially in the financial sector. In fact, one of these customers wrote in a commendation letter thanking CTC for providing various skilled engineers to overcome their manpower needs due to a lean local IT staffing. With the relocation strategy, CTC has developed a systematic workflow based on ITIL standards, to capture information, plan and execute data center relocation for our customers. With these experiences, CTC can better advise our customers on the risk of certain decided activities or pitfalls from any missing information. With our partnership with a team of professional movers, we will be able to create subsequent success stories with our new customers.

  • Databases

    From relational to non-relational database that is available in the market these days, CTC has undergone transformation to adopt deploying and support non-relational database for organizations. Our DBA will be able to provide consultancy and assistance in both deploying DB systems based on our customers’ requirements, and provide on-going business support and/or maintenance to these database systems.