Create a more convenient and secure world with 5G



Looking ahead to the spread of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G), the Group will actively develop a business to “build” 5G networks, a business to “use” 5G to create new services by utilizing 5G and contribute to the realization of a good life.


The results of fiscal 2019 are as follows.


The CTC Group’s materiality Specific goals and key indicators (KPI) results Coverage
Address Issues related to an Aging Society Promoted IT solutions for a declining birthrate and an aging population.

Challenge the possibilities of IT technology and aim to solve problems which are set to worsen in the future such as labor shortages and nursing care issues.

  • Incorporated sensors and devices into the Muscle Suit®, a wearable robot which supports work to meet nursing care needs and address labor shortages, and conducted PoC testing of an IoT Muscle Suit.
  • Conducted demonstration of optimization of home-visit nursing care routes to reduce nursing care refugees and maintain and reduce nursing care level by meeting conditions and maximizing frequency of care given.
  • Helped manufacturers faced with labor shortages and technology transfer issues to optimize their production processes through the use of advanced technologies, including AI technology and the creation and operation of IoT platforms.
  • Started providing next-generation retail solutions for the creation of labor saving, unmanned “smart stores”.
CTC Group in Japan
Reduce environmental impact Promoted IT solutions for the reduction of environmental loads.

Aim for new value creation, developing a sustainable environment to pass on to the next generation by harnessing IT to use resources more effectively.

  • Launched a design service for new materials which address environmental issues in collaboration with U.S.-based QuesTek, a leading company in IT materials design.
  • Continued to provide the E-PLSM IoT cloud service which forecasts power generation and detects anomalies for the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources.
  • Promoted the OCP (Open Compute Project) for energy conservation and installed a server co-developed with the manufacturer to a major ISP helping reduce energy consumption by 30%.
CTC Group in Japan
30% reduction in CO2 emissions from CTC’s business activities compared with FY2015 level by FY2030 19.7% reduction in CO2 emissions (compared with FY2015 level) CTC stand alone
Number of serious legal violations (Goal 0) 0 CTC Group in Japan
Contribute to regional economies Promoted IT solutions that contribute to regional economies.

Contribute to regional economic development by addressing problems faced by regional economies such as shrinking population and offering opportunities for the creation of services through expansion of nationwide network

  • Expanded regional IT solutions (up 22% YoY).
  • Invested in Taiwan-based Intumit and marketed multilingual AI chat bot service to local governments and private companies to help them automate and increase the efficiency of their business operations. Analyzed information obtained from chat bots to identify latent needs and helped create services.
  • Improved the satisfaction and comfort of customers who visited areas along JR East Keiyo Line for sports and other events, etc. through the creation of a system which provides information using digital signage. Also provided information on expected crowding at nearest station to help revitalize regions and ease congestion.
  • Promoted use of cloud platforms among regional contact centers. Created new employment by supporting workstyle reform and establishment of BCPs.
CTC Group in Japan