BKaaS – Backup as a Service

The need for instant data access, 24/7 Applications availability, longer data retention and archival has made traditional and legacy backup tools and plans obsolete.

In fact, businesses are reporting a gap between level of availability legacy backup solutions provide and what end users demand.

At CTC Global Singapore, we are the experts when it comes to data protection (backup and recovery).  We provide end-to-end services designed to provide your business with complete backup and data recovery.    

Working in close collaboration and partnership with Backup Software Providers and Public Cloud Providers, we enable users to:


By extending market leading Backup and Recovery solutions to Public Cloud’s Storage as a backup target, CTC Global Singapore’s customers will fully embrace the hybrid cloud model. The support of Public Cloud’s services enables customers to optimize business agility and information availability.

Cloud storage for your backups and archives

Cloud storage and archival solutions power up and get your backups and replicas (archives) off-site, securely, without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure.  It provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup, replicate and restore from the cloud.


Managed Backup Services

CTC provides complete backup services for your enterprise’s infrastructure on-premise as well as on the Cloud. Leveraging leading Backup management software, CTC Global Singapore’s managed services team will support your enterprise backup requirements from distributed locations (remote and branch offices) from a single pane of glass.  24×7 real time monitoring & alerting, management of backup jobs for both physical and cloud infrastructure are supported centrally.