Achieving Data Compliance w CTC Global

Achieving Data Compliance w CTC Global

Is your company dealing with the following pain points?

  • Regulatory Compliance (e.g. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, PDPA, GDPR)
    • The company is not sure whether their data, Structured (e.g. Database) or Unstructured (e.g Text file, Email, Office documents) contains specific contents that doesn’t comply to regulatory policies
    • They are assuming there are non-compliance within their organization and wants a report, allowing them to action upon and/or submitting for auditing purposes
    • They are sure there are non-compliance and needs an automatic way to move or alert if such data, deemed as non-compliance, are being generated by their users
  • Internal Data Governance
    • The company wants to find out if there are non-business files within their organization (e.g MP3, MOV, etc)
    • They want to find out and retire aging data that is beyond 7 years as these data no longer has any relevance or being critical to business (e.g. Tape out for long term archival or to purge/delete these data)
    • OR They want to purge data older than 7 years from storage to reclaim back some space
    • They want to move older, unassessed data into older and slower disk storage but yet do not want to move into tape
    • They want to find the relevant data based on specific content and move in another destination

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